The one and only true aromatic hop for Pilsner lagers, originated in the region
of Saaz, Czech Republic.



It’s defined for it’s distinguished, slightly spiced taste and delicate aroma. It contains between 3 to 5% of Alpha acids.



At JMhopsCZ, we guarantee that the hops you get come directly from the Czech farmers in Saaz region.



By having our storage well located in the hearth of Granada, we can carry out every order quickly and effectively all over Spain and Europe.

The Saaz Hops

The undeniable king among hops when it comes to Pilsner kind of beers. It’s defined for it’s peculiar, slightly spiced taste and delicate aroma. It contains between 3 to 5% of Alpha acids. Our hops are available in t90 pellets and leaf.

lupulo lupulo

The Žatec/Saaz region

For the last thousand years, the Czech Saaz has been harvested in this region, which is located in the province of Bohemia.

When the Emperor Charles IV saw the originality and the quality of our hops, he decided to patent them, forbidding any sort of cultivations of Czech Saaz outside the territory of Czech Republic.
Thanks to him, we’re able to guarantee it’s pureness as well as its origin.

At JMhopsCZ we bring to you the best quality of hops directly from the Czech growers.

Get a free sample and try our hops before making your order!

About JMhopsCZ

The King of Hops

We’re a company of young entrepreneurs, offering the highest quality of Czech hops for an unbeatable price. Czech Republic is our home country, so we’re very glad to be able to work with one of our most important national products that our land offers us.

The continued tradition of hop growing industry, the important beer culture and the wish to share the best that our land has given us, brought us to explore the european market, where beer industry is growing faster than ever before.

Our warehouse is situated in the very hearth of southern Spain, that allows us to deliver our product efficiently within Spain and the rest of Europe. Moreover, we offer a beer brewing technical support provided by our brewmaster, who’ll answer all your question about the brewing process.


Our brewmaster has a wide experience and skill in brewing beers of all sorts. If you have any questions about the process or recipes, please don’t hesitate to contact him, he’ll be more than happy to attend you needs.